Management Portal and Analytics

OZ e-Screener Plus™ (OZ eSP™) stores birth admission, newborn screening information and risk factors. It is the foundational infrastructure for all OZ implementations, delivering functionality to all OZ Telepathy™ tools and OZ Connect interfaces. It effectively integrates information on the screening itself along with diagnosis, follow-up and intervention and has been widely used in state screening programs for two decades to monitor quality and assure care.


  • All screening data collected on each baby
  • Verifiable data for your program not only aggregate data
  • Documents developmental milestones


  • Complete the loop from birth screening to early intervention
  • Follow each baby who needs further care through the process of screen, assess, intervene


  • Individual facility and overall program performance
  • Program metrics
  • Gaps for future improvement


  • Outcomes to public health stakeholder
  • Outcomes to Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Additional Modules:

  • Vital Records Match makes sure every baby born in your state is in eSP™ by comparing the patient records to the Vital Records, regardless of where they are born – home or hospital.
  • Early Intervention Data Linkage provides data to your early intervention agencies for tracking babies who need further care.