Integrated Continuum of Care

The whole reason for newborn screening is identifying the babies who need follow-up. Accurate and timely results are essential to prompt newborn care. With all newborn screenings, there is a critical window of opportunity to change a baby’s future and prevent life-lasting disability or death. OZ Systems creates solutions to ensure caregivers know what care is needed within that window of opportunity.

Diagnostic Audiological Assessment
OZ Systems is proud of their partnership with several states that have a high report rate for diagnostic assessment results. OZ eSP™ provides access to pediatric audiologists to enter diagnostic audiological results. A diagnostic summary as well as full diagnostic assessment data for each ear including amplification and intervention information can be entered into the child’s health record.

Early Intervention
OZ eSP™ provides data to your early intervention agencies for tracking babies who need further care. Based on the care path, once a referral to early intervention is needed OZ eSP™ will trigger a referral to early intervention and mark the child’s record as requiring early intervention.

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