Hospital Interfaces Benefiting Public Health

OZ provides interfaces to hospitals that also benefit the goals of public health.

OZ NANI™ is the interface between a hospital’s EHR (Electronic Health Record) and all OZ software solutions including our OZ eSP™ database and OZ Telepathy™ tools. OZ NANI gives you an accurate denominator of hospital births in real time. OZ Systems assists the hospital in setting up the ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer) message using IHE and HL7 standards-based protocols.*

How we worked with IHE to develop NANI

Public Health Interfaces for Hospital & Health Systems include NANI enabling the collection of demographics information from the hospital EHR system and combining it with data from a newborn’s screening tests effectively communicate that information to public health systems as an electronic message, document or Excel spreadsheet.  In cases where the public health system also uses OZ Solutions, the transfer of the information is automatic and completely electronic with no extra steps required for hospital personnel.

OZ Connect CCHD, EHDI & NBS inbound interfaces send HL7 results messages back to the Electronic Hospital Record (EHR).**  OZ Connect improves accuracy of the data reported to the newborn’s medical home. 

OZ Telepathy™ CCHD & EHDI results into the EHR:

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry for hospital staff
  • Reduces errors by eliminating manual data entry

OZ eSP™ receives NBS electronic lab results (ELR) from newborn screening labs. OZ eSP™ transmits the newborn results to the EHR.

OZ Telepathy™ NBS electronic lab results into the EHR:

  • Reduces duplicate data entry for hospital staff
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Improves timeliness of data to the hospital and ultimately to the newborn’s medical home
  • Improves accuracy of the data reported to the newborn’s medical home

*The hospital EHR and interface engine will dictate which fields can be electronically sent.

** OZ NANI™, Telepathy™ CCHD and Telepathy™ EHDI required

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