Hearing Plan of Care

OZ Systems’ Hearing Plan of Care is Technical Profile that our OZ team worked on with the CDC and the Quality Research and Public Health Committee at Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise. The Hearing Plan of Care is an HL7 CDA document. The baby’s screening outcomes in OZ e-Screener Plus™ is packaged for transmission to other stakeholders including, public health, the medical home, audiology and early intervention providers detailing screening results and next steps.

What is the OZ Hearing Plan of Care (HPoC)?

  • The HPoC is a secure document from OZ eSP™ transmitted to hospitals and other providers and public health systems.
  • The HPoC includes any newborn hearing screening results, the baby’s outcome from screening, risk factors and a 72 option matrix for next steps based on outcome and risk factors.
  • The HPoC offers care providers a clear roadmap for the next steps in care for each infant.
  • The HPoC is triggered with the discharge of the baby from the nursery.

Decision support is built in for public health staff, reducing human errors using OZ patented algorithm technology to calculate next steps for babies with the program’s jurisdictionally defined rules for local and state public health requirements.