Public Health


OZ Systems is the only company offering a comprehensive point of care solution for all mandated newborn screenings. In our world, saving the newest lives comes first.

OZ Solutions increase patient safety and reduce risks through:

  • Interoperable communication and data sharing among hospitals, laboratories, providers and public health administrators
  • Improved timeliness
  • Worklists of babies needing further care and intervention
  • Verifiable patient-level information on all babies who need care
  • Improved quality and reduced program costs by eliminating manual data entry
  • Improved quality through direct results capture from screening devices
  • Case management in one integrated information system for all newborn screening
  • Assuring every baby received necessary care in a public health program that is efficient and successful

With all newborn screening, there is a critical window of opportunity to assure a baby’s best future and prevent lifelong disability or death. OZ Systems creates solutions to provide care within that window of opportunity.