OZ NANI™ (Newborn Admission Notification Information) integrating with the hospital EHR is essential to improving quality care.

OZ NANI™ is the interface between a hospital’s EHR (Electronic Health Record) and all OZ software solutions including our OZ eSP™ database and OZ Telepathy™ tools.*  OZ NANI™ electronically integrates patient demographics through standards-based HL7 ADT messages and thus

  • provides complete and accurate patient demographics
  • provides an accurate denominator of hospital births in real time
  • maintains up to date patient information
  • saves staff time by eliminating manual data entry, and by reducing errors known to occur with manual data entry.

When follow-up is essential to timely newborn care having and knowing complete and accurate patient information is crucial when delivering results to the medical home and family. With all newborn screenings, there is a critical window of opportunity to change a baby’s future and prevent life-lasting disability or death. OZ Systems creates solutions to provide care within that window of opportunity.

EHR Integration

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* Hospital EHR and interface engine will dictate which fields can be electronically sent.