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Virginia Hospitals Go Live with OZ NANI™ and OZ Telepathy™ Newborn Blood Spot Screening with the help of NewSTEPs 360

As of November 3, 2017 the University of Virginia Health System, Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital and Centra Southside Community Hospital are live with OZ NANI™ and OZ Telepathy™ NBS technology in their newborn blood spot (NBS) programs. These improvements were inspired by NewSTEPs 360, an organization formed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Heritable Diseases in Newborns and Children to improve the timeliness of newborn screening.

The implementation of these programs has been a multistep process for OZ Systems™ and the state of Virginia. First, OZ and Virginia worked closely to automate an electronic order form based on the existing specimen card and newborn data requirements assuring information transmitted by OZ Systems™ is accurately received by the State. Secondly, OZ Systems works individually with each hospital to ensure all procedures, training, and security policies are followed. With hospital approvals in place, the new process is implemented with stakeholder buy-in. Ultimately, the electronic lab results will be sent back to the hospital’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) improving hospital quality assurance and tracking.

In 2015, Virginia was awarded a grant to participate in the NewSTEPs 360 multi-state, federally-funded project to reduce loss to follow up through improved timeliness in NBS screening and reporting. Through technical and financial means, NewSTEPs intends to help participating states achieve timely reporting of results for 95% of newborns that receive NBS screening. OZ Systems™ integrated software is a key component to the project – using OZ NANI™ to capture hospital demographics from the electronic medical record and OZ Telepathy™ NBS for ensuring that all data elements are accurate and complete on the specimen card and then electronically transmitting the patient information to the lab. When every hour and minute counts, complete information that is securely and accurately transmitted can make a vital difference in creating the best possible outcomes for newborns with a treatable condition.