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The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) selects OZ Systems as a Newborn Blood Spot Screening Partner

OZ Systems will assist Utah hospitals both to submit Newborn Blood Spot (NBS) demographic data and to receive NBS results electronically.  Our collection-to-reporting information technology simplifies hospital and state lab workflow and eliminates handoffs, thus delivering timely orders and results when and where needed, enhancing Utah’s NBS screening program.

“We strive to have all hospitals submit verifiable birth information, using an efficient automated approach. OZ Systems will help us accomplish this goal,” said Andy Rohrwasser, director of the Utah Newborn Screening Laboratory and deputy director of the Utah Public Health Laboratory.

OZ NANI is the baby-centric electronic solution that will reduce risks by transmitting patient demographics from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for a real-time, accurate denominator of hospital births. An electronic order containing the Utah laboratory’s required data elements is formatted from this information using OZ TelepathyTM NBS. Electronic Lab Results from the state via OZ Systems will allow data to be shared with clinicians and providers.

“We are committed to innovative solutions for patient safety,” said Terese Finitzo, Ph.D., CEO of OZ Systems. “We are pleased to work with Utah’s highly respected newborn screening program.  This collaboration will improve information provided to the state laboratory, thus facilitating intervention timeliness.”

With all newborn screenings, there is a critical window of opportunity to change a baby’s future and prevent lifelong disability. OZ Systems creates solutions to provide care within that window of opportunity. Together, OZ Systems and the Utah Department of Health strive to improve outcomes for newborns when a timely and accurate diagnosis is critical.