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OZ Systems Partners with State of Minnesota in Providing Fully Integrated, Interoperable Newborn Screening Information System

ARLINGTON, TX — OZ Systems, a leading provider of public health information systems and interoperable exchange, announces an award from the Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) Newborn Screening program in May to provide a new Direct Results Reporting System, which will integrate the state's Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) and Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) newborn screening programs into a single, integrated, web-based application.

The backbone of OZ Systems’ newborn screening platform begins with a secure, web-based information system (OZ eSP™) for point-of-care screening that can be accessed by both public health and birthing facilities. It includes automated reporting of integrated newborn screening data – OZ STAR™ – with admission information from the hospital to MDH using the Newborn Admission Notification Information tool, OZ NANI™. OZ Telepathy™ for EHDI and OZ Telepathy™ for CCHD are novel, direct-from-device reporting systems that interface with point-of-care screening devices to capture, transmit and track screening results from birthing facilities to public health programs. OZ Systems’ advanced reporting modules will allow appropriate MDH staff to securely access a child's information, complete with demographic data, and all point-of-care newborn screening results, giving the department more complete data sets for more thorough program evaluation.

“The Minnesota Department of Health has always been recognized as a national leader for its newborn screening and follow-up programs. We’re proud to partner with such a forward-thinking state that has articulated its vision for innovation, collaboration and integration,” said Dr. Terese Finitzo, CEO of OZ Systems. “With the right systems in place, we can break down silos not just between healthcare providers and public health, but build bridges within public health.  Our goal at OZ Systems is to create a health IT ecosystem that is truly baby-centric for caregivers and state programs.”

The platform helps accelerate the adoption of health IT and interoperability standards at the hospital level, while supporting timely public health coordination with hospitals, midwives, clinics and specialists to improve quality care and health outcomes for newborns. Screeners are able to record and import screening tests and other data, document care, complete communications and refer a baby for any additional outpatient services. Outpatient providers can record additional testing and refer a baby for other early interventions as needed, helping improve access and reduce health disparities. Importantly, the new system will allow newborn screening programs to monitor the progress of hospital screening programs on an ongoing, real-time basis, which helps ensure timely, appropriate care and services for children and families.

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