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OZ Systems Continues Its Partnership with Iowa

We are overjoyed for our partnership with Iowa Newborn Screening Programs

OZ Systems (OZ) is honored to continue our longstanding partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH). OZ Systems and Iowa IDPH have worked together for nearly 20 years on Iowa’s Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program. In 2015, IDPH and OZ Systems incorporated Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening into the Iowa Newborn Screening Programs. With over 37,000 births in Iowa annually, total of 740,000 babies have been screened for hearing loss and 185,000 for heart disease at birth! Iowa Newborn Screening Programs and their birthing hospitals with OZ Systems’ assistance have worked hard to assure newborns receive hearing and heart screening. We are proud to have the support of the Iowa audiologists, Area Education Agencies and early interventionists who document their follow-up services through OZ System’s eScreenerPlus information system. Iowa does not stop at screening. Iowa care coordination is one of the strongest in the nation with a low lost to follow-up rate. It takes a village to provide for each child. In Iowa, we provide the information management system so Iowa Newborn Screening Programs can be sure that babies and their families receive the best hearing health care.

About OZ Systems, Inc.
OZ Systems is an innovator in global screening solutions, bridging crucial information gaps to ensure quality care and timely interventions for patients and those who care for them. We develop end-to-end newborn screening software that reduces human errors and improves patient safety, quality of care and intervention timeliness. We are recognized for interoperability, and innovation in design and partnerships. OZ Systems has projects with U.S. and international health care providers and public health agencies. (www.ozsystems.com)