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OZ Systems and MN Department of Health among partners receiving 2018 Golden GOVIT Award for Collaboration on Minnesota Newborn Screening System

DALLAS, Texas – Dec. 10, 2018 – Minnesota Newborn Screening (NBS) along with OZ Systems and other partners has been awarded the 2018 Golden GOVIT Award for Collaboration in recognition for their work on leveraging the OZ NANI™ message used in OZ Systems’ eScreener Plus for Minnesota named MNScreen, an electronic reporting system that allows hospitals to send pulse oximetry (CCHD) and hearing screening (EHDI) results to the state’s NBS Program.

“We are proud to have been partners and to have won the 2018 Golden GOVIT Award for Collaboration,” said Dr. Terese Finitzo, OZ Systems co-founder & CEO. “This collaboration has resulted in a reduction in manual data entry and, in turn, also a reduction in errors and delays.”

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