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OZ BabyBundle™ for Newborn CCHD Screening Launches

First Secure, Integrated Information System to Improve Workflow, Patient Safety within One Platform

ARLINGTON, TX — OZ Systems, a leading provider of public health information systems and interoperable exchange, introduces the first bundled solution for hospital-based newborn point of care screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD), the most prevalent, deadly and under-diagnosed birth defect. OZ BabyBundle™ is an integrated software solution that captures pulse oximetry screening results directly from the device, provides software-based clinical decision support, and then relays real-time screening results into OZ Systems’ Integrated Child Health database, to other providers or directly to public health departments.

OZ BabyBundle™ features a medical-grade tablet that connects to specific motion-tolerant pulse oximeters approved for neonatal use. Notably, the OZ BabyBundle™ tablet is a user interface that does not store data, but transmits it immediately, supporting hospital security and patient privacy.

OZ BabyBundle™ leverages OZ STAR™, an integrated technology platform that combines formerly disjointed tasks, making it possible to Screen, Track, Analyze and Report in one automated process. Reducing manual data entry, eliminating certain opportunities for misinterpretation, and improving data reporting are critical components of any newly added population health screening.

“Nearly one in three babies with CCHD run the risk of leaving the newborn nursery undiagnosed. This new point of care screening is vital for early intervention and improved outcomes, and our goal is to give dedicated providers and public health professionals the tools they need to improve workflow, efficiency and standards of care in newborn screening,” said Dr. Terese Finitzo, CEO of OZ Systems. “We developed the OZ BabyBundle™ entirely based on that need. This integrated technology gives providers and public health officials the seamless, secure tool needed to efficiently screen, track and analyze data, which can significantly reduce human error, improve timely care delivery and patient safety.”

OZ BabyBundle™ can also be used to integrate and share data from other screenings done in the newborn nursery, including early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI).

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