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Warnings, admissions, disclaimers without which society will grind to a halt.

Here is the second of Ken Pool’s blogs also written for January 2011. We think it is the first so our apologies for mixing up the order and publishing last week’s before this. We enjoy reading them and hope you do too. His voice comes through for us and makes us smile.

Warnings, admissions, disclaimers without which society will grind to a halt.

Dr. Ken Pool
(January 2011)

This site is primarily an outlet for me; it is my perspective that such is the case for all blogs but I will not generalize. The blogs represent my personal thoughts and do not necessarily represent those of OZ Systems (I have enough influence with the company that they allow me to post them here). I reserve the right to post opinions that are nonsensical, inconsistent, and change without notice. In theory, I may even post opinions that are wrong (just theoretically).

I have imagined that others may read these thoughts and that reading them might prompt meaningful thoughts they would want to share here. If a reader should misperceive their thoughts as meaningful, when in my judgment the thoughts are not meaningful, I reserve the right to expunge those entries. As a heads up, meaningless thoughts will likely include those that are just mean or demeaning to anyone.

If this site should prompt a meaningful dialog, that will be a lagniappe. But the posting reader is warned that I do not promise to respond or participate in the dialog. That doesn’t mean I don’t find the comments worthy. A perfectly clear and perfectly correct comment needs no response. Neither do blatantly confused or erroneous ones. Sometimes I will just be lazy (or involved with my day job). If I do not respond, the posting reader is free to imagine any one of these reasons applies to their comment.

While I use understatement and sarcasm as “literary” tools, I never intend those to be mean or hurtful. While I do not suffer fools gladly, it is my general assumption that if a reader of my thoughts is not enlightened, then I may need to find another way to communicate the thoughts.

I am, in my heart, a clinician. Given the choice between patients and providers, I choose patients (Don Quixote is my hero). Given the choice between patients and society, I choose patients. Following patients, my allegiance-priority sequence is society-at-large, then providers, with bureaucracies and vendors in a dead heat.

I was a huge fan of the series by James Burke entitled Connections, and starting with that approach will often tell stories in a style that emulates his method (imperfectly and with my apologies to Mr. Burke) but augments it by taking poetic license (the literary term for apocryphal). My stories are not intended to accurately recount the events, their sequence or even their significance. They are just fun ways for me to convey my own views. Names may or may not be changed to protect the innocent or the guilty. Events may or may not have occurred. They are just stories of an alternate universe. I hope you enjoy.

Lastly, this document could not be complete without full disclosure (that is legal talk from our lawyers) so let it be known:


  • The author has a vested interest in the adoption of the certain principles of healthcare information management.
  • The author has a patent awarded dealing with methods of processing of healthcare data to support clinical decision support.
  • The author also has a pending patent application related to methods to implement policies for privacy and confidentiality at the data element level, enabling data element access services while honoring explicit requests to exclude data from disclosure.
  • The author also has a patent submission for a system of distributed information management that includes a “universal exchange language.”
  • The author is employed by a company that has built software tools and frameworks that embody these methods.