We are Baby-Centric because we know you hold that baby’s future in your hands. We are Specimen-Centric, offering Track-Kit™ from STACS DNA because in your world, accurate timely specimens are the first step in changing the future. Track-Kit prevents lost specimens. Specimen tracking from collection to delivery at the lab gives you an automatic end-to-end audit trail.

  • Inventory management ensures never running out of viable specimen cards and identifies card wastage
  • Notifies collectors of specimen card expiration (via OZ Telepathy™ NBS) which increases specimen quality
  • Efficiently package specimen cards for shipping by generating the shipping manifest and label
  • Tracks both specimens and packages during the shipping process, you know the status of every specimen
  • Provides delivery notification to hospitals (via OZ Telepathy™ NBS) to meet CAP/CLIA regulations
  • Alerts the hospital when specimen delivery is late **
  • Saves time in rectifying a situation (e.g. specimen is lost, recollection needed)

** varies by state and dependent on agreement with state laboratory