Blood Spot Screening (NBS)

Every year, more than 12,000 infants are affected by diseases and disorders commonly screened for in the newborn period. With all newborn screening, there is a window of opportunity to change a baby’s future and prevent life-lasting disability or death. We are Baby-Centric because we know you hold that baby’s future in your hands. We are Specimen-Centric, offering Track-Kit™ from STACS DNA because in your world, accurate timely specimens are the first step in changing the future.

OZ Newborn Screening Suite:

Automates timeliness with an end-to-end solution with real time, verifiable birth information, efficient automated specimen collection, smart tracking for effective alerts and timely results reporting.  Our integrated collection-to-reporting solution simplifies workflow in the hospital, eliminates handoffs to deliver timely results so your Newborn Blood Spot (NBS) screening program is more cost-effective, improves patient safety, and reduces human error using information technology standards.

OZ Newborn Screening Suite combines the following products to provide the most optimal solution:

At the hospital an infant’s demographic information is captured from the electronic health record (EHR) and integrated with Telepathy™ NBS.

OZ Telepathy™ NBS
A Baby-Centric solution simplifies specimen collection workflow in the hospital, improves accuracy and reduces risk.

OZ Connect **
Electronic Lab Order entry makes the lab aware that a specimen is being collected. Electronic Lab Results allow the specimen results to be sent electronically back to the EHR.

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Track-Kit™ from STACS DNA
Tracks specimens from hospitals to the lab with late delivery alerts. Manages specimen card inventory. 

** varies by state and dependent on agreement with state laboratory