Management Portal and Analytics

OZ e-Screener Plus™ (OZ eSP™) stores all birth admission, newborn screening information and risk factors. It is the foundational infrastructure for all OZ implementations, delivering functionality to all OZ Telepathy™ tools and OZ Connect interfaces. It effectively integrates information on the screening itself along with diagnosis, follow-up and intervention and has been widely used in hospital screening programs to monitor quality and assure care.


  • Worklists to identify which babies need screening 
  • Captures newborn screening results entered manually or direct from the device
  • Saves newborn screening results 


  • Worklists to identify which babies need additional care
  • Extensive options for parent and provider communication
  • Audit capabilities to ensure quality services 


  • Allows editing a baby’s record as needed
  • Monitors metrics


  • To your hospital’s Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • To your state’s public health information system
  • To OZ Systems’ eSP™ integrated child health record

Reporting to Public Health
Public health reporting is a crucial part of timely and effective healthcare delivery and population health management. OZ System supports National Quality Forum (NQF) measures and Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements for reporting to state EHDI programs now called the Merit Based Incentive Payment for eligible clinicians in active engagement to submit data to public health registries.