License Options

OZ e-Screener Plus™ (OZ eSP™) provides a baby-centric screening record for each newborn. It is our foundational database – but it is so much more!

OZ eSP™ stores all birth admission and newborn screening information and patient risk factors. OZ eSP™ effectively integrates screening with diagnosis, follow-up and intervention. It is widely used nationally and internationally in hospital screening programs.  The OZ eSP™ License can be configured for a single hospital, multi-hospital or a single healthcare enterprise. A test environment license with parallel database is also optional.

What does OZ eSP™ accomplish for healthcare providers?

  • A comprehensive point-of-care, newborn screening data hub with information management for hospital nurseries that integrates with existing EHR systems using OZ NANI™
  • Creates worklists for every stage: screening, follow-up and intervention
  • Real-time results — less time finding results and determining next steps means more time caring for babies
  • Error reduction in reporting and data collection
  • Analytics across hospitals or systems
  • Automated audit trails of user and system changes
  • Provides data for risk management and quality improvement
  • Privacy and security of patient-sensitive information through rule-based and role-based access rights
  • Rule-based care paths that support next steps and best practices with a patented clinical decision support