Direct acquisition of data from screening hardware why it is critical to quality and accuracy.

Both hearing screening (EHDI) and heart screening (CCHD) require the use of specialized equipment. For hearing screening the equipment utilizes auditory brainstem response or otoacoustic emission technology. For heart screening a pulse oximeter is used. There are many manufacturers of these types of equipment. The equipment collects data from the baby. This data is then evaluated by algorithms and a pass or refer is determined. The data or results from this equipment needs to be connected to that baby’s medical record. The state department of health/ministry of health also needs the information to ensure that any baby who does not pass the screening receives follow-up care.

OZ Systems eliminates manual entry and human interpretation of the results. Any time a human has to transpose results from one piece of equipment to the next there are errors that are made. A baby who passed the screening and is accidentally marked as a refer causes the family undue stress. But worse, a baby who needs referral but is mistakenly marked as a pass can delay intervention. In the case of CCHD wrong screening results could result in death. Eliminating human interaction with the results and electronically capturing them greatly increases accuracy and ultimately patient care.

OZ EHDI Solution:

  • Captures direct results from screening devices

OZ CCHD Solution:

  • Captures multiple screening values directly from the pulse oximeter
  • Provides clinical decision support to ensure accurate results
  • Allows for the monitoring outcomes of the clinical decision support algorithm chosen by your state
  • Transfers the screening results into the OZ eSP™ database— an integrated child health database – and on to the hospital EHR, other providers, or directly to state public health programs

The whole reason for newborn screening is identifying the babies who need follow-up. Accurate and timely results are essential to timely newborn care. With all newborn screenings, there is a critical window of opportunity to change a baby’s future and prevent life-lasting disability or death. OZ Systems creates solutions to provide care within that window of opportunity.