OZ Systems is always, relentlessly working to improve the strategic systems that support the goals of our customers. That's why we collaborate with industry-leading companies to raise standards, advance technology and improve systems to help caregivers be more responsive to patients, improve care and save lives.


CCSI Distributors, Inc. (CCSIDI) has agreed to market and promote OZ Hospital product solutions throughout the fifty United States. CCSI Distributors, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI) which developed the OBIX™ Perinatal Data System. CCSI has been a leader in perinatal data systems for over 20 years with innovative, customer-driven, computer-based solutions and support services. CCSIDI strives to provide new technology solutions focused on improving perinatal care and outcomes.

Track-Kit and the Track-Kit logo are trademarks of STACS DNA Inc.

OZ Systems partnered with STACS DNA to offer Track-Kit™ specimen tracking. Our collection-to-reporting solution delivers results quicker, simplifies workflow and reduces handoffs. That makes NBS programs more cost-effective, while improving patient safety, automating timeliness using current information technology solutions and standards, and reducing human error. See OZ Newborn Screening Suite our combined solution.