Ken Pool

Dr. Ken Pool (1953–2015)

Our Co-Founder transformed healthcare through thoughtful brilliance and leadership — and the value of sharable information.

Dr. Ken Pool demonstrated the value of health information that is easy to share, access and understand. He rebuilt the bridge between doctor and patient, making it very clear what has always mattered most: care, for you and your baby. Thankfully, his thoughtful brilliance and leadership brought about standards that have been adopted and replicated throughout the world.


Terese Finitzo

Dr. Terese Finitzo

Our leadership is committed to leveraging future technologies to save more lives — and make the healthcare experience smart, honest and caring.

Dr. Terese Finitzo grew OZ Systems from a start-up company into a global team of innovators. Her commitment to developing systems which provide interoperable and verifiable screening results, thus improving patient outcomes, has helped ensure timely care and intervention for more than 18 million babies in the United States alone. Her leadership at OZ is changing patient doctor relationships back to what they used to be – and should be.

Insights From Ken

June 26, 2015

Late OZ Systems co-founder Dr. Ken Pool helped draft initial language; Texas e-Health Alliance played key role building coalition of supporters

ARLINGTON, TX (06/26/15) — OZ Systems, in conjunction with the Texas e-Health Alliance (TeHA) , this week celebrates Governor Abbot’s signing of “Ken’s Bill” (HB 2641), which will promote improved and expanded health data interoperability for Texas public health. Dr. Pool was...

May 13, 2015

Here is the second of Ken Pool’s blogs also written for January 2011. We think it is the first so our apologies for mixing up the order and publishing last week’s before this. We enjoy reading them and hope you do too. His voice comes through for us and makes us smile.

Warnings, admissions, disclaimers without which society will grind to a halt....

May 5, 2015

There are few things that can shake the bedrock of a company like losing one of its leaders. The untimely January passing of Dr. Ken Pool - our founder, friend, mentor and chairman - brought a wave of profound grief and loss to many of us. He was a trailblazer - a visionary leader among peers, colleagues, government and industry. He was a noted...