Enhancing, improving and ensuring better outcomes.

Relationship Healthcare

OZ Systems is recreating the caregiver-patient relationship that feels like a path back to the safety of a previous time. All OZ Systems’ partnerships are based on honesty and trust, and help create the very best care a patient can receive and medical professional can provide.

Patiently Changing Medicine

It wasn’t that long ago doctors made house calls. They would come into your home and treat your family when there was an accident or illness. Times changed, and new ways of organizing care began to replace the relationships that benefitted patients. Information and communication management drove wedges between doctors and patients.

Technology was stripping away the valuable relationship patients had with doctors, nurses and other caregivers in the healthcare system. That’s why there is OZ Systems.

Detect and Connect – One Baby at a Time

  • Products that enhance the patient-caregiver relationship.
  • Technology that improves communication and care.
  • Testing and systems that ensure better outcomes.

OZ Systems delivers remarkable, accurate testing protocols, optimized workflows that ensure communication consistency, and processes that put caregivers back into the patient relationship.